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As the saying goes – Refranes

El Refranero español (Spanish proverb) is one of the most complete compendium of philosophy and lore that are known in the world. The nearly one hundred thousand proverbs that occur in the Castilian language give rise to an extraordinary material that represents one of the great values given essentially by the people, the Spanish always have them in mind in our daily lives because they never miss one or more proverbs to illustrate our discussion, any time of day, any angle of our existence. The proverb is a constituent part of the Spanish daily conversation. Our classic literature, from “El libro de buen amor,” from the fourteenth century, is a magnificent example of Spanish literature tradition. Since then, “el Refrán” has been with us forever, offering its accuracy, its wit, its timing, it’s wonderful brevity and power of illustration.

Here are my top ten favourites

! A buenas horas, mangas verdes!

Meaning: When a decision or act is made too late and there is not coming back.

A todo cerdo le llega su San Martín

Meaning: Related to the death of an individual. Basically we will day one day.

Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente.

Meaning: you don’t feel something that you don’t see or you ignore

En casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo

Meaning: Where something is missing on a place that it shouldn’t be

La curiosidad, mató al gato

Meaning: the same that the English saying, Curiosity killed the cat

No por mucho madrugar, amanece más temprano.

Meaning: We can not anticipate future events.

En boca cerrada no entran moscas.Show romanization

Meaning: the wisdom of moderation in our comments.

Cuando las barbas del vecino veas pelar, pon las tuyas a remojar.

Meaning: You have to think that what happens to others also could happen to oneself.

No todo el campo es oregano

Meaning: We use this to alert some one of over confidence.

Nunca llueve a gusto de todos.

Meaning: There are always different opinions and interests among different people.

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