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Activities and venues

Esta es mi casaES-ta es mee CA-sa
This is my house.
Vivo en un bloque de pisos
BEE-boen oon BLO-keh de PEE-sos
I live in a block of flats
un Zoo
oon thozoo
un café de Internet
oon ca-FEH deh in-tair-NET
Internet cafe
Un capo de fútboloon CAM-po deh FOOT-bolfootball pitch un centro deportivooon THEN-tro de-po-TEE-bo
sports centre
una piscina
OO-na pis-THEE-na
Swimming pool
una biblioteca
OO-na bee-blee -o-TEH-ca
un hoteloon o-TELhotel un restaurante
oon res-tau-RAN- teha restaurant
una peluquería
OO-na peh-loo-keh-REE-ahairdresser’s
una comisaría de policía
OO-na co-mee-sa-REE-a deh po-lee-THEE-apolice station

¿Hay un café cerca de aquí?Ay oon ka-FEH ther-ka de a-KEE?Is there a coffee shop near here? iEl parque temático es genial!El PAR-keh teh-MA-ti-co es -hen-ee-AL!The theme park is briliant
un museooon moo-SEH-omuseum correos
co-RE-ospost office
el cine
el THEE-nehcinema
un paqueoon PAR-keh
un campingoon KAM-ping
oficina de turismoo-fi-THEE-na deh too-REES-motourist information office un hospitaloon os-pee-TALhospital

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