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B for bravo or V for victor?

bIf you are a Spanish speaker you are more likely to pronounce these two letters exactly the same. The phoneme lbl is represented on the writing for both v and b – caballo, viaje, bueno, etc.

In deed b and v are pronounced exactly the same. Has this always been the case? Talking to my grandfather about this (he is 96) he tells me that he always makes the labial differentiation, so he does make a slightly difference between both letters. He stated to me that “the problem now is we are too lazy to make the difference and we have lost the pronunciation difference between these two letters 60 years ago.

Some Spanish speakers from Valencia or Mayorca pronounce spontaneously the v as labial-teeth word also, this phenomenon appears in some regions in Catalunya as a result of the influence of their local language.

In some American countries they believe that there is a difference between B labial and V labial – teeth. The fact is that after speaking with some Argentineans and Mexicans they make the difference when pronouncing these two letters spontaneously and under the influence of the English language.

Victoria, I hope this resolves your concern.


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