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Chingar (verbo)



To screw, to annoy, to drink, to fail



Importunar, molestar. Practicar el coito. Beber con frecuencia vino o licores. No acertar, fracasar, frustrarse, fallar.


Other meaning and expressions

te lo dijo para chingar nada más –  he only said it to annoy you;

¡deja dechingar!  – stop being such a pain in the ass!

¡no chingues! –  you’re kidding!

si no lo haces te van a chingar – if you don’t do it, they’ll screw you

¡la chingué! – I really put my foot in it.

creyó que ganaría pero se chingó –  he thought he’d win but he got a shock;

se chingó el motor  – the engine’s had it (colloq);

estamos chingados –  we’re in deep shit o up shit creek

si no te gusta, te chingas –  if you don’t like it, tough


  • The verb chingar has lots of uses in Mexico there is a book dedicated to this verb called “El Chingonario”, it is presented in dictionary form and if you are interested in this fantastic verb I strongly recommend it
  • post dedicated to my Mexican friend Paco

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