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es que…

The expression “es que” is the combination of the 3rd person of the verb ser (es)  and the conjunction “que” and it is always written separately, but What does the expression es que  mean in Spanish? Well it means nothing really. This “locución” (phrase) is used in Spanish to emphasise something, it is normally used by the speaker at the beginning of a sentence. I have seen that some people  (the people who likes to translate everything) translate “es que” as “is just that”. If that works for you it is fine with me but personally I wouldn’t  translate it, use it when you think it is right to highlight something for example esque no tengo dinero (I don’t have any money). It can also be used to make an excuse: ¿Vienes esta noche? es que tengo sueño  – Are you coming tonight? I am tired.

Some more examples:

Es que somos muy pobres

Es que estoy borracho

Es que mañana tengo que trabajar

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