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Spanish accents

There are four types of Spanish words that determinate where the stress of the word goes. Below, you can see the different types and when we put a written accent over the word (tilde)

Agudas: When we put the emphasis at the end of the word.


We write accents if they end in a vowel, in n or s.



Ratón, melón, reloj, Caridad,


If you wish to write accent (tíldes) with a English keyboard, read this article

Llanas o Graves: When we put the emphasis on the second to last (penultimate) syllable.


We put and accent on the word if it  does not end in a vowel, or n, or s.


Árbol, cama, rcel, queso.


Esdrújulas: When the stressed syllable is in the third from last (antepenultimate) syllable of the word.


These words always use written accents.


lámpara, tefono, índice,


Sobreesdrújulas: take the accent on a syllable preceding the antepenultimate.  The words within this type have all written accents.



Evidéntemente, gamelo.


If you wish to write accent (tíldes) with a English keyboard, read this article.

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