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When it comes to choose a Spanish textbook the decision is not easy. There are many books available out there and that can be an impediment when choosing Spanish textbooks.  Which is the best book for me? What’s the best value for money? Am I going to get bored with this textbook?

After using different textbooks over the years to teach Spanish I came with a selection of books which are suitable for everyone learning Spanish and pretty much for all levels. For beginner and intermediate I strongly recommend Pasos 1 and Pasos 2 copleted pack (text book cds and exercises book). Pasos 1 is the course for anyone wishing to learn Spanish from scratch. Whether learning for work or pleasure, Pasos 1 gives a thorough grounding in the language enabling learners to speak, read, write and understand Spanish. In Pasos 2 , the second part of the two-stage Pasos course, the language skills learnt in Pasos 1are consolidated and extended enabling learners to develop an ability to communicate confidently at a higher level. They will also gain an insight into the history, customs and everyday life of modern Spain and Latin America. The course encourages active and realistic use of the language over a wide range.

If you are looking for Spanish textbooks to improve your grammar I recommend you to use any of the Practice make perfect Series. You will take your Spanish grammarskills to the next level and speak with more soltura! To fully understand how to speak Spanish effectively you must move beyond the fundamental principles of grammar and tackle more sophisticated sentence constructions. With the exercises of Practice Makes Perfect you will be able to improve verb tenses, Pronouns, general grammar etc.

Another Spanish book that I would like to recommend you is Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day. This book is great to learn, extend or improve your Spanish vocabulary. Spanish in ten minutes a day comes with a new interactive CD-ROM, full of fun activities including interactive Sticky Labels, Flash Cards and more. This book/CD-ROM combo is a complete, and fun, hands-on language learning experience, teaching you everything you’ll need for your travels abroad.

Regarding dictionaries I will recommend you Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary. This is an up-to-date, easy-reference dictionary with key GCSE curriculum words highlighted and a practical and fun supplement covering key vocabulary areas. It is the ideal dictionary for learners of Spanish of all ages, but especially for those aiming for GCSE exam success. This bestselling Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary is designed for all learners of Spanish, whether you are learning for exams at school, in an evening class, for business or to go on holiday.

If you wish to buy any of this recommended book you can do so through the below amzon widge. Also your comments about Spanish text books are welcome. Widgets

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