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Regular Verbs

There are 3 verbs conjugation in Spanish, the verbs end on ar, er, ir. All the regular verbs follow the same form depending of the on the ending of each verb. Here are one example for each conjugation.

1st conjugation verbs Amar to love

2st conjugation verbs Deber to owe, must

3st conjugation verbs Vivir to live

Auxiliary verbs

Auxiliary verbs are those that go with other verbs in a phrase, forming some of these syntactic forms: Compound forms, passive voice and periphrasis.

Haber (equivalent of to have) is use for compound forms, He comido (I have eaten)

Ser (equivalent of to be) is use to form the passive form, for those verbs that allows this form.

Irregular Verbs

The verbs with irregular conjugation are those that, along their conjugation they experiment changes on their root, ending or both. Here is a list of useful Irregular vebs.

Andar – to walk

Comenzar – to begin

Conducir – to drive

Dar – to give

Decir – to say

Dormir – to Sleep

Estar – to be

hacer – to do

Ir – to go

Jugar – to play

Poner – to Put

Querer -to want

Saber – to know

Salir – to go out

Tener – to have

Traer – to bring

Venir – to come

Ver – to see

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