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What are you playing at?

The Spanish verb “jugar” is often confused when we are  learning Spanish. This is because the English equivalent is the verb to play which in English language means more than one action. The verb Jugar deals only with sports or games. For instance if you want to say “I am going to play football with my friends”, you will say “voy a jugar al fútbol con mis amigos”. For anything else you will need to find another verb or word that matches the contents you wish to express. For instruments or music you would never use the verb Jugar, you will use tocar, “I am playing the piano” “estoy tocando el piano”.

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Other meaning of to play are “obra (de teatro), pieza  (teatral), comedia” and “Reproducir (DVD, video film)”. To see a full list of meanings and phrasal verbs in Spanish of the verb to play click here.

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