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It can be very frustrating to feel, after years of studying a language and endless verb conjugations, that you are no closer to understanding or speaking it in a natural way.

In this section you can find different sources of audio-visual aid which will help you improve your Spanish skills.

By reading (and watching) the news.

News Papers

Improving your skill by reading (and watching) the news a few minutes every day. Here you have an endless amount of information, from articles you may be familiar with already, making them easier to follow, as well as local news that can also help improve your cultural and historical knowledge. Most of the following online news papers have video reports and news highlights.

General Information News Papers



Sports News Papers




If you want to improve your Spanish language skills you can listen to Spanish music and the radio as a source to enhance and improve your hearing and pronunciation abilities.

current affairs radio

current affairs radio

current affairs radio

current affairs radio

current affairs radio

current affairs radio

Spanish music only

Spanish music only

pop music radio

pop music radio

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