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spanish nouns

The noun is the word used to deteminate people, animals or things

Spanish Nouns types according to their meaning:

Comunes (Common): they refer to beings or objects designated in the same class or kind. Example: Estudiante (student), Profesor (teacher), Ciudad (city), Rio (river) …

Propios (Own): they refer to beings or places designated to distinguish it from others of its kind: Juan, Josefina, Madrid, Tajo …

Concretos (Concrete): they designate something which is perceived by the senses. Mesa (table), Libro book), Pájaro (bird).

Abstract: they designate realities that we cannot perceive through the senses. Examples: Felicidad (happiness), amor (love) ..

Contables (acounting) : it means something that can be counted numerically. Example: mesa (table),Cristal (glass) ..

No Contables (No accounting): : it means something that cannot be counted numerically. Example: sal (salt), arena (sand) ..

Individuales (Singles): they designate in singular to a single accounting object. Example: Leon (lion), Mesa (table) ..

Colectivos (Groups): they designate in the singular a group of accounting objects, manada (pack), mobiliario (furniture) …



This Gender refers to men, male animals and things that we put “the” before the noun.

chico , pato, tren.


This Gender refers to women, female animals and things that we put “the” before the noun.

Chica, Pata, Avioneta

The number.


It refers to a single individual.



It refers when there are several.




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