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La ratita presumida

The Spanish Story for kids “la ratita presumida” (The Conceited Little Rat) is perhaps one of the most popular children Stories within the Spanish culture, and it is certainly my favourite. There are many versions of this story, but the format is continual. In the main part of the adventure, a little rat cleaning her house and finds a coin unexpectedly. Then little rat wonders on what she should expend this money, and mentions a cycle of items (which vary depending on the person telling the tale) that she systematically discards with umpteen reasons.

For example: would I buy a bag of sweeties? No because that will ruin my teeth.

She finally opts for a ribbon to put in her tail to look prettier.

In the second section of the tale, lots of animal candidates come to ask the little rat to marry them, attracted by her enhanced beauty. In order to choose her candidate she ask each of them what they do at night. Each animal replays with their characteristic sound, the duck quacks, the dog barks etc. the little rat doesn’t accept any of them claiming that they are too noisy and she will be afraid.

Finally a little mouse comes and he replies: “I will sleep and be quiet “, to which the little rat agrees and they marry and live happily ever after.

This lovely Spanish Story has an education value too It teaches little children about the animals and their different sounds. Finally, little kids can learn about the sense of danger mentioning, in the first part of this tell, items that can be harmful.

Click on the video to see a lovely version of the tale. If you have any comments or you wish to write your own version of this Spanish tale please post it on comments.

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