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Want to learn or improve you Spanish? Do you want to improve your Spanish vocabulary? Would you like to do Online Spanish exercises to improve you abilities? Then our Spanish Quizzes are for you.


Our free online Spanish quizzes will help you practice and improve your spanish.


Do you want to practice your Spanish and need help? We personalise Spanish Quizzes for FREE. Just contact us with what you need to practice and we will produce a Tyler made Spanish quiz to meet your needs.


Have a look at some of our quizzes below and have a go at theme. If you struggle and need help we can also give you a hand with our Spanish tutor



Spanish Feelings 2

Practice your Spanish vocabulary with this quiz. Read the English word and choose its Spanish equivalent. Tweet

Spanish Feelings quiz

Practice your Spanish feeling vocabulary with this quiz Tweet

La Ropa

Practice your Spanish vocabulary regarding clothe with this quiz Tweet

La Familia

Improve your Spanish Vocabulary – Practice the family vocabulary with this quiz. Choose The English equivalent Tweet

Quiz del alfabeto español

Practice the Spanish alphabet with this quiz. Click on “Start” to begin the quiz. Click play next to the word “Sound” to hear the sound then choose your answer. Tweet

Spanish Future

Practice your Spanish future tense with this quiz Tweet

Spanish Furniture

Practice your Spanish furniture vocabulary with this quiz Tweet

Spanish Animals

Practice your animal words in Spanish with this quiz. ¿Qué animal es? Tweet

Reflexive Verbs

A verb is reflexive when the subject and the object are the same. Basically you will apply reflexive verbs for actions that you do to yourself (peinarse lavarse levantarse etc). Practice these verbs with this quiz. If you have any questions let us know. Tweet

El tiempo

With this quiz you can practice your Spanish vocabulary regarding the weather elements. Good luck Tweet

Spanish food and drink quiz

Knowing your Spanish food and drink may come in handy when you are on holiday in any Spanish speaking country. Practice your Spanish with this food and drink quiz. Tweet

Qué haces en un día normal

¿Qué haces en un día normal? This exercise will help you to practice the present of indicative in Spanish. It is also an introduction to irregular verbs such as ir and reflexive verb such as levantarse.   Click start, read the sentence and choose the correct answer. Tweet

Spanish Video Quiz 3

Watch this video and answer the questions. This exercise will help you with you Spanish skills. Tweet

Spanish Video Quiz 2

    Practice your Spanish with this video. Practice your Spanish with this video quiz, watch the video as many time as you need the click start and complete the questions of the quiz. Good luck. Tweet

Spanish Video Quiz

    Practice your Spanish with this video.   Watch the video as many times as you need, then Click Star and answer the questions. Tweet

Spanish Quiz – Present of Subjunctive

  We use the subjunctive mode (Subjuntivo ) to express a wish or exhortation . We also use the present of the subjunctive mode to express a wish, example: Dios quiera que me toque la lotería.  After the verb crecer, pensar, and parecer, we  use the subjunctive in the subordinate clause if the sentence is […]

Spanish Quiz – Condicional Simple

The Spanish Condiconal simple (Also called Potencial) it is used to express desire or wish depending of condition. Also this tense is used to for probability or to give advice.  Have a look at the Condicioal tense then read the following sentences and choose the correct answer. Click Start to begin. Tweet

Quiz of the day – Práctica de video

  Practice your Spanish with this clip of the movie Ferpect Crime (2004) ( Crimen ferpecto ) Watch the video carefully as many times as you need it and once you are ready, answer questions.   Prática de video – Crimen Ferpecto from luis h on Vimeo. Tweet

Practica español con este video

Ve el clip las veces que haga falta y contesta a estas preguntas. Practica tu español from luis h on Vimeo. Tweet

Quiz of the day ser – estar

  Practice the difference between ser and estar (to be) Completa las siguientes frases conjugando los verbos Ser o Estar según proceda Tweet

Quiz of the day – Practíca leyendo

Lee el texto y contesta las preguntas del quiz: El bádminton es un deporte de raqueta en el que se enfrentan dos jugadores (individuales o singles) o dos parejas (dobles). Los jugadores o parejas se sitúan en las mitades opuestas de una pista rectangular dividida por una red. A diferencia de otros deportes de raqueta, […]

quiz of the day – nationalities

Elige la nacionalidad correcta Tweet

Quiz of the day – Preposiciones


Quiz of the day – Professions


Quiz of the day – verduras


Spanish Quiz of the day – presente


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